Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Luv ke Liye Saala.. kuch bhi karegaa !!

Y'day I was watching this new channel.. called Sabse Tej... Opps.. Aaj Tak !! [:P]
First news : A girl in Ahmedamad had a contract marriage for 2 years.
Reason : the girl is in love with her husband's younger brother, who is just 19. So, not matured in law's term !! And from the fear of she will get married to somebody else forcefully, she had this idea of contract marriage for 2 years with her Love's older brother. Nobody from Boy's family had an objection, and now they are married too !! the relationship they share is that of a brotehr and sister !!! Whewww.... Luv is in d air... Bollywood me bhi aisi koi script nahi hai aaj tak !!

2nd News : A Professor in Kolkata changed his gender to marry his love !! Can you believe this... he now wears a saree... does make up...and still continue the same profession. His love.. Sorry now Her love..[:P] is not at all aware of this and is now finding it awkward !! Theres a Bangla movie in making on the same true love story of this guy... I mean now gal [:P]

Opps.. dammm... pyaar me log kya kya kar rahe hai... !!!
Have u been in love.... can u do something odd.. pathbreaking to get ur love of life ??

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Phoenix said...

I read those news too...Gosh! how can ppl be like that..
forget it, i dont think i can evr understand!