Wednesday, July 12, 2006

अति परिचयात अवद्न्या

अति परिचयात अवद्न्या, सन्तत गमनात अनादरॊ |
मलये भिल्ल पुरन्दरि, चन्दनतरु काश्ठिकामिव ||

U r insulted more if somebody knows u too well.
If u go to someone's place too often, u lose the respect.
Like, on Malay Hills, where sandlewood is in abundon, Bhilla, the community there, use it for burning to cook their food. But, for us, sandlewood is so rare a thing and so valuable!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Likes Dislikes...

2 truths about Girls:
1. If a Girl likes a boy, no matter what he say/Do, they like whatever He say/Do.
"He is so cute, he did this/that" !!! Duffer girls !!

2.If a girl doesn't like a guy, no matter if you Say/Do the same, whatever he say/do irritates Her.
"Dont irritate me any further" !!! Again, Duffer Girls !!

~ LuvGuru [:D].

Monday, March 06, 2006

!! Taking for Granted !!

Soemtime, we take the ppl around us too much granted for anything. Whether its some favor or may be too much leg pulling or may be some other stuff.
I hate when ppl sometime take me for granted for everything. sometimes its ok... but ALL d time, it becomes so annoying x(.
But too much of everything is bad, bad for all the habits, bad for the ppl involved, bad for the relations too. Dunno where to draw the exact lines but still, is it ok to take pals around us granted for anything?

LIFE, everybody around us also take the life for granted. Dunno why, we see the ppl around us getting killed in accidents, terrorist attacks or some natural calamities. But, we hardly take care of our own life thinking that this is not gonna happen with me. Why not? I duuno. Even I myself take my life for granted [:(] need to change the habit !! [:)]

So, whats that u take for granted??

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Moved to....

Hi dear my BlogReaders..
if u r hitting in here finding no updates... I am sorrz for the incovinience ((
I have just created a new blog and is updating that quite regularly !!
So, please use the this link to go to new blog ))
There are lotsa pending things to update in here.... but sometime later ))
Luv Always,
° S.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I hate...

The work ahead seems to be so simple that
I just hate to do it.. am I supposed to do
all the easy work in d world??
Lets do it at leisure...  b-) b-)

This is so difficult... and hard to understand,
I can't stand it anymore...
mere chote se deemag pe main itana kyun zoor doonn..
all d tough tasks are assigned to me... I hate it :((
Thts the way sometime I think .. do u too??

Monday, February 06, 2006

Why Do we... ?

Why do we chase for those who care a damm about u...
and leave behind all those who can give a life for us :)))

May be thts the way L.I.F.E. is!!!

Bewafaa :

kabhi unase humen na aaya call na koi sms..
aise kanjoosh humne dost paaye hai !!

jahan humne jaan se jaan, lagaayi...
wahin pe woh humen.. jaam ke bharose chod gaye hai !!

aaj to arthi se bhi uthh jaaye hum..
bewafaai ka sahi.. woh tohafaa to laaye hai !!

aise hi sooz gaya kisi se baat kar raha tha tab.. so leekh daala [;)]

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mind Asks God : IntentBlog

Here is this very very nice and deep article I found on Intentblog...

Go and have a read.. its worth it !!!


Lemme know how u liked the article??

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

!! Interpretations !!

The teacher just draws a circular shape on the blackboard. She turns back to the students. "So, children, look at the shape on the board and write down what u r thinkin this would be".
After the assignement dictated, most of the students write down what they thought of the shape. "Roll No. 13, tell me what u have wrote?" Teacher, as in her usual style of calling random numbers to answer so that everybody pays attention to the class. " Ma'm, I think its a football u want to draw there." came the answer from 13. She kept on calling the numbers and students replied with different answers hardly matching answers for the same question. Same shot back as the shape is of a Sun, Moon, ball, Earth, waterlemon, Bangle and what not? Too many interepretations of the same object.

This is the way our thought process is. Everybody think so differently than the other. Irrespective of being the same object, everybody's interpretation for the same varied a lot. Sometimes, we want to say one thing, the other person gets another thing and when it is been told to someone else, he/she interprets it in different way!! So, how should we strike a balance between all this? How come be sure to understand what the other person exactly want to convey? Question back asking "Is this what you mean?". 
Are there any better ways to get the clarifications for your interpretations? OR is it just mutual understanding between the two or amongst the group which will get what you meant to say !!

The human mind is so complex and thinks so differently and uniquely. Our though process is what constituets for our attitude, our character. Some ppl always think negatively some positively. If you do a favor to someone , he/she will think "Why the hell this chap helped me, must be having some bad intentions or does he want to be frendly with me?". Particularly, girls have these negative thinking a lot. If you offer her a seat in a busy city bus, she will sit first and keep on thinking of "Why he offered me a sit?" for the rest of the journey irrespective of whether the otehr person din't had any intentions of the same. Just a small example though.

Even I dunno, how u ppl gonna interpret this after reading this but lemme be sure of what I want to say, that everybody is so different and unique that everybodys thoughts and interpretation of the same thing could be different. If you are thinking that somebodys actions/talks hurt you, that person might have not intended the same. So, better be positive and try to interpret in some other way for the same. As they say, always " Try to be in the others Shoe first before any say/action" !!!


Friday, January 13, 2006

Break Ups !!

aka KLPD ... U know what tht mean? If u r a girl, better not ask it then ;) (It means a heartBreak in a good lang.)

This is lifes biggest tragedy (or is it fate) happens with most of the ppl. Two ppl are committed, sees each other or even have plans to settle down with each other.
Enter third person, and all the dreams shattered. Ditch the first one and go with the better new one.

What would have been the feeling of that person?

What Kajol's would-be have thought when he saw her run away with SRK in train (DDLJ)
DCH has 3 such break ups. The first "Aaaakaash" screamer, then Subodh saw Saif taking away Sonali. Adn then Aamir runs away with Preity.
What these 3 ppl have gone thru? I think, going thru break ups is the most miserable thing in life.
What Sunil have gone thru when he saw Shilpa getting married to Akki and den not leaving him !! (Dhadkan)
Raj kapur's "Mera Naam Joker" shows his all heartberaks in the movie throught life. That's the biggest KLPD one can have.

One of my closest freind had been through this (Its a diff story that he recovered fast and got other). Both families had no objection abt their relationship, something went wrong at the last moment and the girl got married to other guy.

One of my other closest friend got a new(literaly, he had a lot before too) GF. She was committed to his friend, he came and now both are a couple. One of our common friend keep saying, "woh kisi aur ko chodd ke aayi hai, kya guarantee hai ki woh ise bhi nahi chodegi?". No answer to this Question.

There are too many nice and lovely ppl around here and in the course of life we keep meeting them, does that mean the previous committments go into air and u go ahead with new one.
Just a thought, nothing serious !! What u will do for urself If u find a better partner while having one already?
OR Have u been the victim of such KLPD?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Safar ...

zindagi ke safar me chaar pal ka saath tha...
yaad nahi ab, jahan tumse mila woh kaunsa mod tha !!

raahe badal gayi.. humsafar bhi naye mile..
tum jaisa koi nahi, jahan dil se dil mile...
umeed pe ye safar tayy karr raha hoon...
kahin kisi mod pe fir se wohi humsafar mile !!

~ Samyak.