Monday, September 26, 2005

Inspiration !!

I lost it... lost my inspiration...
Yes... thts what I was thinking abt lately !!
One needs an inspiration for everything they do. :))

C'mon... there needs an inspiration to update this blog too... and for quite some time the inspiration is not there !!
Inspiration.. that could be anything... absolutely !!
People around me inspires me..thats my inspiration...
For some... its the nature around .. ( and wow.. what a beautiful scene outside now a days as monsoon is here !! )

I lost my inspiration... and even tht loss inspires me to write something abt it .. ;))


Phoenix said...

I'll read all that u write and comment and applaufor's that for an inspiration?
just kiddin...

well said spammy

who/what is ur lost inspiration btw?

Siege Perilous said...

Kiddo.. seriously speaking.. Ur comments are really inspirational for me to write more abt my thoughts... even ur poems/stories inspire me in a way !!
abt the lost inspiration... let it be !! I'll start searching for new one soon [:P].. Afterall.. inspiration is wht u need in life to live !!

arpz said...

kya hua ? GF ne dhoka de diya? :p