Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Thought...

"The Grass on the otehr side of the lake always looks to be greener .. " goes the famous quote !!
Its true.. and practical.

The same happens with us continuously thorought our life. We always neglect what we have in our surroundings and always try to go to that other side of the lake, just to realise that what we had with us on the otehr side was far better than this. It happens.. but theres always a way to come back... !!

U sometime like the other world more than ur present surroundings.. U step into that and found all illusions... Too baaaddd to digest the fact after investing so much of a time and money to get to so far... but anyways.. welcome to the journey back home !!! Doesn't matter that we stepped into a wrong world which was not meant for us... but at least we learn few lessons of life the hard way.

Is something like this happened with u ???


Phoenix said...

Well, it hasn;t happened with me too much..but yes i have felt that way's more like I'm smart enought o foresee:P
or circumstances are tough enough to change ovr!
Whenever I have changed, I have always reached smthng better...
but yeah, that's because I remember the truth, the quote u mention, all the time, esp while making a decision!

Siege Perilous said...

Hmmm... nice to have a foresee !!
But I think I am too much of a positive ... always thinks that other thing must be better than this.. !!
Aage se main bhi.. ye quote dhyaan me rakhonga !! [:)][:)]