Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sometimes !!

Sometimes.. I think it was good to b away from u ...
at least u cared to ask me how i m doing !!!

Sometimes.. I regret coming too close to u...
now I fear of losing u !!

Sometimes... it was nice to hear u chatting all night long..
now U don't have time to talk to me !!

Sometimes.. it was worth waiting for an instant reply for a mail..
now we hardly mail each other :(

Sometimes... it was always ur smile tht made me forget all my worries..
Now u smile rarely dues to excessive loads !!

Sometimes... I think life was far better when u were too far away...
at least u cared to write me letters !!

Sometimes... jsut sometimes.. I think !!

bass yunhi.. kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayaal aata hai !! [:)))]


arpz said...

kya sentiaap maara hain yaar ... kya hua woh Ms V ( winking meaning fully) bhaav nahin de rahi kya aaj kal ?? :D :p

Phoenix said...

reminds me of one of my FAVOURITE poema i wrote a long time bak. I was so attached to it I never even posted it anywhere. I loved that, and I love this, for the theme is similar

Siege Perilous said...

Oye kidoo !!
I want u to post that poem !!
Don't be so possessive abt ur beautiful creation as ur fans need them more than u !!
Plzzzz... post it sometime soon !!

punita said...

hey sam bhai kay senti cha[a hai..cha gaye..!! so...U rock man..!!

Himanshu said...


Phoenix said...

have posted the poem!

chandu said...

nice one.