Friday, January 13, 2006

Break Ups !!

aka KLPD ... U know what tht mean? If u r a girl, better not ask it then ;) (It means a heartBreak in a good lang.)

This is lifes biggest tragedy (or is it fate) happens with most of the ppl. Two ppl are committed, sees each other or even have plans to settle down with each other.
Enter third person, and all the dreams shattered. Ditch the first one and go with the better new one.

What would have been the feeling of that person?

What Kajol's would-be have thought when he saw her run away with SRK in train (DDLJ)
DCH has 3 such break ups. The first "Aaaakaash" screamer, then Subodh saw Saif taking away Sonali. Adn then Aamir runs away with Preity.
What these 3 ppl have gone thru? I think, going thru break ups is the most miserable thing in life.
What Sunil have gone thru when he saw Shilpa getting married to Akki and den not leaving him !! (Dhadkan)
Raj kapur's "Mera Naam Joker" shows his all heartberaks in the movie throught life. That's the biggest KLPD one can have.

One of my closest freind had been through this (Its a diff story that he recovered fast and got other). Both families had no objection abt their relationship, something went wrong at the last moment and the girl got married to other guy.

One of my other closest friend got a new(literaly, he had a lot before too) GF. She was committed to his friend, he came and now both are a couple. One of our common friend keep saying, "woh kisi aur ko chodd ke aayi hai, kya guarantee hai ki woh ise bhi nahi chodegi?". No answer to this Question.

There are too many nice and lovely ppl around here and in the course of life we keep meeting them, does that mean the previous committments go into air and u go ahead with new one.
Just a thought, nothing serious !! What u will do for urself If u find a better partner while having one already?
OR Have u been the victim of such KLPD?


arpz said...

"DDLJ has 3 such break ups." not DDLJ duffer, it is DCH :p

Siege Perilous said...

fir se padh duffer !!

Br!j said...

Ladkion ko bhi pata hota hai ke KLPD kya hota hai, agar nahi pata to bol, yahin pe likh deta hoon.

waise life main isse bhi bade KLPD hote hain baap, bandi to kafi choti cheez hai.lagta hai devdas se upar wala choot laga hai tuje

ek chota sa sher yaad aaya , arz kiya hai

fool to fool, gulab ka fool
tere jaisi ladki mere paon ki dhool
khub barbad kiye tereliye paise banne main cool,
ek bar shadi hone de, karonga sab wasool
bewafai karke jayegi movie dekhne,banake BF Cool
khuda kare har theatre tuje mile housefull
ghar aaye to khud banalena khana, kyun ki apne sath hoga Khamba Full

Siege Perilous said...

Brij tune bahto sahi lines leekhi hai ..
mera ek dost padh ke lot pot hass raha tha... kahan se uthaayi hai ye lines??

Br!j said...

abe apne khud ke hain yaar , kahin se nahi churaya B-)

arpz said...

kameene Sam ... apni mistakes accpet karna seekh pahlke , rest later ! :p its a mark of a better -than-the-rest-man to accept and take responsibility of mistakes :p
Be an adult, then u can talk about KLPD (literally and figuratively) =))

Athena said...

@spammy.. kahin ye tumhaari kahani ki aur ka flashback toh nahi :PPPPPP aur ye break-ups achchi cheez hain kabhi kabhi humain aage jaakar gfs/bfs dhoondne main helpful saabit hote hain :PPP

waise better be away frm all these tensions toh life will b smooth!!! ab kuch toh seekh jao apni life ki duvidhaose kanindeji ;):PPPP

Megha said...

i agree with vins yeh sab help karte ek ache partner doondhne ke lie [:D]

Libran said...

hey no doubt that u remember movie songs but since when have u started remembering the incidents in movie as well....
why r u writing such blogs?? break-ups, safar, i m not sad and many such. R u in some relation with someone???? I hv this doubt and u know that very well....sambhal baba khud ko....Shaayad era bahot badaa KLPD hua hai...i donno some more strong word then this hence using the adjective badaa....

Chaos137 said...

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Have a good day everyone


Voice said...

nice post :P.

never been a victim of klpd[s]... becoz... u know why:P.

Siege Perilous said...

yeah.. sometimes better to be away from pyaar vyaar and all those fundas !!

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