Wednesday, July 12, 2006

अति परिचयात अवद्न्या

अति परिचयात अवद्न्या, सन्तत गमनात अनादरॊ |
मलये भिल्ल पुरन्दरि, चन्दनतरु काश्ठिकामिव ||

U r insulted more if somebody knows u too well.
If u go to someone's place too often, u lose the respect.
Like, on Malay Hills, where sandlewood is in abundon, Bhilla, the community there, use it for burning to cook their food. But, for us, sandlewood is so rare a thing and so valuable!!!


Kanupriya said...

very true!

....R.A.J.A.... said...

Sam bhai, kuchh hua hai kya?

Megha said...

exactly !!!!!
kisi ki value tabhi samjh mein aati hain jab woh naa ho

m i rt naa samyak????

arpz said...

"taken for granted"

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